Basic EOI Data Integration


This training gives an Introduction to ETL and SSIS. You learn using MDX and Calculations and Object synchronization / Object Filters


EOI BI Modeler:  the IFS EOI BI Modeler designs Business cubes and assures a periodic update of data in the cubes (setting up the data engine in congruence with the model engine and its connections to the source systems).

Together with the appropriate customer/end-user, the IFS EOI BI Modeler will analyze available data in source systems and evaluate the most efficient upload procedures. To be more specific, with help of MS SQL Integration Services and MS SQL Analysis Services, an automated, semi-automated or manual upload procedures based on ETL (Extraction, Transform and Load) procedures will be developed and maintained by the IFS EOI BI Modeler.

Also the IFS EOI BI Modeler can enable creation of advanced reports based on the Business Model content or based on data from underlying sources. Finally, the BI Modeler is able to create query reports, SSAS Excel reports and reports created by the MS-SQL Reporting Services functionality.

  1. Business Modeling 1 (2 days)
  2. Data Integration (3 days)

At the end of this course, the participants are able to:

  • To understand the theory behind the Performance Framework
  • To be able to model the EOI Data warehouse
  • To understand ETL and SSIS
  • To be able to use MDX and calculations
  • To be able to do Object synchronization / create Object Filters
  • To be able to create ETL
  • To be able to load ETL
Knowledge: Basic knowledge of the EOI platform and EOI engines. Basic knowledge in Microsoft SQL Server Analytic Services (MS SSAS) and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (MS SSRS)

Courses: Business Modelling 1

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3 days