Advanced Navigation User Interface Customization

This workshop is packed with hands-on exercises to help you get the most from IFS Applications—no matter what area of the product you use and regardless of your choice of User Interface, whether it’s windows, the portal or the web.

Learn how to set up automatic query windows, define view preferences, create alternate window views, export data to other applications, set up notification messages, personal menu options, and many, many other useful tips and tricks. You will receive an introduction to the new navigation and user features available in IFS Applications since Apps 2004 Service Pack 3.


This course is directed toward users who want to maximize their IFS user experience. The first day deals with basic user experience functionality such as personalizing the workspace, queries, links, favorites, unique views and Form Designer and other general navigation topics such as Help and eLearning. Day 2 introduces features that are slightly more technical to setup, such as Custom Menus (Right Mouse Button additions), Connected Objects, Events, History Tracking, Profile Management, Portal Configuration and Scheduling Reports. Day 3 introduces more advanced topics such as creating Quick Reports, running Quick Reports from a Right Mouse Button, personalizing the Solution Manager, integrating with the Business Modeler and importing data into Excel.


Must be able to login and navigate with a keyboard and a mouse.


Any version of IFS Applications, though several features presented in the class are not available in versions prior to Apps 2004 SP3.


3 days


Hands-on exercises are used to familiarize end-users with IFS Applications navigation and general functionality.

Topics include:

  • Manage workspace properties
  • Create and organize your folders
  • Create, save, and use queries and Enterprise Application Search
  • Work with table views and Output Channels
  • Use IFS Spreadsheet Data Manager
  • Create favorites and links
  • Create unique views
  • Use IFS Forms Designer
  • Learn some new tricks
  • Add custom menu functions to the right mouse button (RMB)
  • Add connected objects to logical units
  • Use the Event Manager and Create Your Own Events
  • Set History Tracking
  • User Profile Management
  • Portal Page Configuration
  • Creating Quick Reports
  • Run Quick Report via RMB
  • Importing IFS Applications data into Excel
  • Personalizing Solution Manager
  • What’s This?
  • Online Documentation
  • Modifying Online Help
  • Modifying eLearning
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Defaults tab for window
  • Hide standard RMB options

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