Advanced Project-Driven Manufacturing

IFS Project, Project Delivery, and Project Reporting are tools used to organize and plan projects, relate bills of material to projects and drive production, and charge time or costs to a project.

This is an advanced-level class to review additional Project functionality and observe the impact of projects on other IFS functionality, such as IFS Distribution, Manufacturing, and Finance.


This course is intended for a cross-functional group as it explores the impacts of project functionality on other IFS modules. It is designed for mid-level management, project managers, engineers, and cross-functional core team members. It also applies to key users involved with project setup or project analysis.


Advanced Project-Driven Manufacturing is more of a workshop than a typical exercise-oriented training class. Attendees must have completed Fundamentals of Project-Driven Manufacturing.

It is useful, but not required, if at least some attendees have a background in:

  • Purchasing
  • Customer orders
  • Shop orders
  • Transaction processing
  • Financials (posting controls and general ledger)


3 days


At the end of the course, participants will have a thorough understanding of advanced IFS Project functionality. They will learn additional ways of creating projects, how to develop supplier project costs, and methods of monitoring project costs and schedule performance. They will observe how project-related transactions can be created from shop orders, purchase orders, and invoices. Additional ways of creating project transactions using those transactions for project costing and invoicing will also be investigated.

This course provides thorough knowledge of project-driven manufacturing and project accounting.

Participants will:

  • Create and copy project information.
  • Create and process project quotation lists
  • Create and process project-driven shop orders
  • Create and process project-driven purchase orders
  • Create additional pricing adjustments
  • Transfer material and invoices to projects
  • Run project cost accounting
  • Create project invoices
  • Review cost results in projects

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