Creating Business Analytics Information Sources

This course introduces you to creating additional information sources used for designing and publishing reports with IFS Business Analytics 3.0.

Business Analytics is a part of the Business Intelligence suite of reporting and analysis tools.  IFS/Business Analytics is a business intelligence solution that extends Microsoft Excel® from a desktop productivity tool to a full-fledged enterprise-scale client for reporting and analysis.  You will learn how to design and develop Business Analytics information sources to be used (by the end user) to design reports, charts, and pivot tables, publish and schedule reports, and enable drill-down and zoom-in to create interactive reports.


IT professionals with a need to create additional information sources for BA 3.0.


BA client training, Basic knowledge of Excel, and SQL/PLUS experience.


IFS Business Analytics 3.0 with IFS Applications 7.5 SP5 and above.


3 days


Hands-on exercises are used to walk through the creation of Business Analytics information sources.

Topics include:

  • Services
    • Architecture Overview
    • Administration Overview
  • Development of Information Sources
    • Development Tools and Info
    • Exercises
  • BI Services Part II
    • Design Considerations
  • Misc
    • Reports based on Structures
    • Packaging and Deployment
    • Translations

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