IFS Applications - Extensibility

Would you like to optimize and fine tune your business flows by leveraging the full potential of the extensibility features of IFS Applications?


IFS Application Extensibility provides several different configuration types available to system administrators. This course is designed to enable users to make maximum use of extensibility features such as Custom Fields, Information Cards, Custom Logical Units, Custom Menus, Streams and Custom Events. Proper use of these features will minimize the need for customizations. Your business value of IFS Applications will be further enhanced while lowering the cost of ownership.


Power users who will extend the capabilities of IFS Applications by using extensibility features, IFS Applications system administrators.


Participants should be familiar with the IFS Applications functionality that they use (or intend to use) for their day to day work. A basic understanding of IFS Applications architecture will be beneficial. Prior experience with the SQL programming language will be useful when learning the most advanced features, but this is not essential.


IFS Applications 8 SP1 or later.


Course duration is 8 hours and can be delivered on site (in one day) or remotely (in two 4 hour sessions).


The course will start with a brief introduction to IFS Applications architecture and the SQL programing language which will serve as the foundation for learning the extensibility features.

During the course the participants will learn how to configure these extensibility features:

  • Custom Fields
  • Information Cards
  • Custom Logical Units
  • Custom Pages
  • Custom Menus
  • Custom Events
  • Effective use of Application Configuration Packages to manage Extensibility Features


Course duration is 8 hours and can be delivered on site (in one day) or remotely (in two 4 hour sessions). We recommend limiting the number of participants to six to make sure enough attention can be given to them during the hands-on exercises.


Onsite Delivery:

The customer that receives the training should provide the training environment with these requirements:

  • IFS Applications development/test environment where application owner password can be shared with the trainees (all trainees could connect to the same instance of IFS Applications)
  • Access to IFS Application from the trainees’ workstations
  • PL/SQL Developer or similar software installed and configured on trainees’ workstation that allows running queries against the IFS Applications database

Remote Delivery:

ReadyTech online training environments which have all software preinstalled will be used for remote delivery of this training course. IFS will make these training environments available to the trainees over the internet. Trainees are expected to have a reliable internet connection and access to a telephone to dial into a conference call. The additional cost for ReadyTech online training environments will be invoiced the customer receiving the training.

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