IFS Complex MRO

This course provides the foundation for understanding the IFS Complex Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul solution as currently available in version 2004 and later. It will cover how customer owned material and tracked parts are handled and maintained through the Complex MRO process. This process touches on many parts of the IFS application suite and will show the basics of what one needs to do in each area in order to utilize the Complex MRO solution.


This course is intended for Analysts and Planners who need to have an understanding of how to use the Complex MRO solution to fill a need for remanufacturing complex tracked products.


Participants should have experience with the IFS Maintenance, IFS Manufacturing, and IFS Distribution.


Latest released version unless otherwise noted


3 days


At the conclusion of this class, the participant will have a basic understanding of what it takes to set-up and run the IFS Complex Manufacturing solution.

The COMPLEX MRO solution allows for the configuration management of overhauls for items where serialization is a critical component. The process encompasses creating an agreement with your customer, generating a serial structure, generating a template structure transferring this to Manufacturing where a disassembly, an assembly and disposition structures are generated. The process continues with developing various maintenance levels that relate to specific operations and parts. Modifications can be defined and executed as well.

Topics include:

  • Introduction
  • COMMON BASIC DATA (MRO Sites; Maintenance Departments for the Site; Inventory Locations; Work Centers and Labor Classes; Customers and Suppliers)
  • ENGINEERING PARTS (Define Engineering Parts;Products and Models; Life Limit Tracking; Operational Parameters and Maintenance Groups)
  • SERIAL STRUCTURE TEMPLATES (Define a Serial Structure Template; Define Life Limits for the Template)
  • MODIFICATIONS (Basic Data for Modifications;Define Modifications)
  • SERIAL STRUCTURE TEMPLATE TRANSFER (Basic Data for Transfers;Transfer Template to Holding Table;Transfer Template from Holding Table to MFGSTD)
  • MANUFACTURING STRUCTURES AND ROUTINGS (Define Disassembly and Assembly Routings; Define Disposition Structures;Define Disposition Routings;Define Repair Structures; Define Repair Routings)
  • MAINTENANCE LEVELS AND REPAIR CODES (Define Maintenance Levels per Part;Define Maintenance Level Structures; Define Maintenance Level Routings; Define Repair Codes per Part; Define Repair Code Structures; Define Repair Code Routings; Define Discrepancy Codes per Part; Assign Repair Codes to Discrepancy Codes; Assign Repair Codes to Modification Affected Parts; Calculate Manufacturing Lead Times; Define Disposition Codes)
  • SALES AND PURCHASE PARTS (Define Sales Parts; Define Purchase Parts)
  • COMPLEX MRO AGREEMENT (Basic Data for MRO Agreement; Define MRO Agreement Header; Define Labor Rates; Define Cost Types)

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