IFS Costing Fundamentals

This course is a detailed view into IFS Costing. It is designed to provide you information as to how standard costs are calculated for the products you build.


This course is strongly recommended for customers using IFS Manufacturing, IFS Costing and IFS Purchasing that define/analyze and report against the costs accumulated for manufactured and purchased parts.


General knowledge of Purchasing and Manufacturing Standards is highly recommended.


Latest released version unless otherwise noted


3 days


After this course, participants should be able to understand the where the standard costs come from for manufactured and purchased parts in IFS Applications.

Topics include:

  • Weighted Average Costing for Purchased Parts
  • Actual Costing for Purchased Parts
  • Lot costing
  • Serial Costing
  • Activity based, Kaizen, condition code, or configure to order costing will not be addressed

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