IFS Distribution—Order Fulfillment

This course provides an understanding of how IFS Order Fulfillment and Inventory are used to manage the customer order process in an organization. In addition to sales order basic data, topics include quotations, order processing and inventory control as it applies to reserving, picking, and shipping customer orders, as well as customer invoicing and returns.


This course is intended for customer service and order entry personnel, P&IC managers, materials managers, warehouse managers, business analysts, project managers, and core team members.




Latest released version unless otherwise noted


4 days


This course provides a broad understanding of the sales order fulfillment processes used in IFS/Distribution.

Topics include:

  • Creating appropriate order types for various business processes
  • Setting up and managing sales quotes, tracking win/loss reasons, offering complementary parts, and converting quotes to sales orders
  • Creating and maintaining customer orders for inventory parts, package parts, services, and direct shipment of parts from a supplier
  • Maintaining reservations, picking, and shipping inventory for all order fulfillment processes, including shipment inventory
  • Creating and managing Return Material Authorizations (RMAs)
  • Reviewing sales invoicing possibilities and activities relating to sales tax setup
  • Discussing and developing various pricing relationships, such as price lists, discounts, bonus sales, charge types, and commissions
  • Managing reservation, availability control, and shortage handling for a set of orders
  • Developing sales warranties
  • Customer-consigned material (our parts at customer)

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