IFS Distribution—Procurement

This course provides an understanding of how IFS Purchasing and Inventory can be used to manage the procurement process in your organization. In addition to basic data, topics include requisitions, purchase order processing, subcontracting processes, and supplier quotations.


This course is intended for materials and purchasing managers, buyers, business analysts, project managers, and core team members.




Latest released version unless otherwise noted


3 days


This course provides a broad understanding of the procurement processes used in IFS Distribution.

Topics include:

  • Creating and maintaining suppliers and purchase parts.
  • Creating document text for assignments to requisitions, quotations, purchase orders, and arrival documentation.
  • Creating, managing, and processing purchase requisitions through quotations to purchase orders
  • Creating the appropriate preposting detail for requisitions and purchase orders and using distributed costs.
  • Creating blanket purchase orders and the process associated with purchase orders for inventory and noninventory parts and services.
  • Receiving and processing purchase orders with various inspection codes for parts.
  • Inspecting and disposing of incoming parts from QA and returning line items for replacement or credit.
  • Completing basic supplier invoicing.
  • Managing purchase orders for subcontracting processes.

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