IFS Document Management

This course is designed to give participants a thorough understanding of IFS Document Management functionality and offer possibilities of how it can be used throughout the entire enterprise. Activities include introductory and advanced exercises, as well as discussion and recommendations for basic data and system set up.


This course is intended for anyone who is involved in managing documentation within your organization, including engineering, production, administration, supply chain management, sales and marketing, and project management.




Latest released version unless otherwise noted


2 days


This course provides a broad understanding of IFS Document Management and its integration across all components within IFS Applications. Participants will learn how to use templates to easily create new documents, route documents for electronic approval, and define security and user access privileges. The web and desktop interfaces will also be introduced. Hands-on exercises, both introductory and advanced, will be completed.

Topics include:

  • Basic data setup and recommendations
  • Creating document records, checking in files, and connecting to business objects
  • Document file templates and macros
  • Approval routings and redlining
  • Document security and access
  • Revision process
  • Document organization: document folders, packages, and multilevel documents
  • Importing documents into IFS
  • Document distribution, including e-mail
  • IFS Document Management web
  • Desktop interface 

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