IFS Extended Server

IFS Extended Server is an open framework for integrating business logic with external business processes and applications. It exposes BizAPIs through multiple protocols and formats. The web service capabilities of IFS Extended Server allow easy integration with many applications as well as J2EE and .NET application servers. IFS Extended Server also combines the benefits of XML and web services with the flexibility to use other “traditional” methods such as delimited files, e-mail, message polling, and queue managers.


This course is strongly recommended for IT personnel responsible for deploying, administering, and/or developing applications and interfaces for the IFS Extended Server framework.


Knowledge of Java and XML is required for the development portion of the training.


Latest released version unless otherwise noted


5 days


After this course, the participants will be able to install and handle most common administrative tasks of IFS Extended Server. Students will also build IFS BizAPIs and PLSQL Wrappers according to the supplied programming guidelines.

Topics include:

  • IFS Extended Server overview
  • Purpose and advantages of the IFS Extended Server architecture
  • Installation and administration workshop
  • Development environment and workflow activities
  • BizAPI development
  • Message queues
  • Transformers
  • Creating transformers
  • Attaching a transformer to a CBR destination address

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