IFS Human Resources—Strategic Human Resources

This course gives you a thorough understanding of IFS Strategic Human Resources components: Competency Management, Recruitment, Training Administration, and Employee Development. The class will walk you through the fundamentals of IFS Competency Management and how that core module is leveraged through the rest of the Strategic Components.


This course is intended for anyone who is involved in managing human resources in your organization, along with core team members and project management.




Latest released version unless otherwise noted


4 days


This course provides a broad understanding of the strategic side of IFS Human Resources. Participants will learn how to track employee competencies, develop a recruitment plan, create an employee development program, and finally create and conduct training programs. Hands-on exercises will be completed.

Topics include:

  • Establishing the Strategic core (competencies, licenses, education, work experience)
  • Creating and defining jobs
  • Creating a recruitment plan, from the requisition through selection of a candidate, including the external web recruitment process
  • Engineering a development program for employee advancement
  • Creating succession plans and identifying key employees
  • Creating training classes, defining competency based training plans, execution and follow up of training programs.

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