IFS Manufacturing—Make To Order

This course gives you a detailed view of Manufacturing Standards and Dynamic Order Processing (DOP). You will learn to create and maintain DOP structures and use analytical tools in DOP. You will also find out how data collection and analysis transfers valuable process control information to the shop floor.


This course is intended for anyone who is involved in managing production and inventory control managers, core team members, and project management.




Latest released version unless otherwise noted


5 days


This course provides a broad understanding of how to fully use the features in DOP and Shop Order, including data-collection and process control techniques.

Topics include:

  • Setting up the basic data for inventory, manufacturing, and quality transactions
  • Using the features in the product structure, work center, and routings to manage shop orders
  • Creating, releasing, and managing DOP structures
  • Reserving and issuing material, and then receiving the shop order into finished goods inventory
  • Using operations reports to track shop order progress
  • Receiving and unreceiving shop order material from finished goods inventory
  • Unissuing material assigned to shop orders and returning it to an inventory location
  • Dealing with nonconforming material using IFS MRB and ISO 9000 requirements
  • Validating the shop order activity (i.e., transactions and costs) generated during the production cycle in the Operations History and Transaction History windows.

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