IFS PDM Configuration and Engineering Transfer

This course covers the aspects of PDM Configuration, and Engineering Transfer in the engineering design process within IFS. Activities include introductory and advanced exercises, and discussion and recommendations for basic data and system setup.


This course is designed for anyone who is involved in the product design process, including engineering, configuration management, and project management.




2 days


This course provides a broad understanding of the engineering design process within PDM Configuration, including the relationship between a bill of material (BOM) as designed in PDM and built in Manufacturing. Participants will complete introductory and advanced exercises covering the creation of an engineering BOM, the approval and release process, and transfer of the BOM to manufacturing.

Topics include:

PDM Configuration

  • Basic data setup and recommendations
  • Creation of engineering BOMs
  • Supplemental part information, including serialization and manufacturer definition
  • Approval and release process
  • Part characteristics and best-fit search
  • Importing BOMs into IFS
  • Engineering change process: change requests, change orders, and impact analysis
  • Products, models, and functional structures

Engineering Transfer

  • Discussion of new design of the engineering transfer process
  • All-level versus single-level transfer
  • Direct and detailed transfer
  • Comparison of as-designed and as-built structures

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