IFS Report Designer

The IFS Report Designer tool is a powerful reporting tool used in the area of operational reporting. With its drag-and-drop design tool that is very easy to use, the tool separates the activities of data assembly, formatting, and rendering into three separate steps. With its XML-based reporting, the tools make the task of creating operation reports much easier to understand. It allows customers the ability do their own layout modification, reducing the cost of a successful implementation. The tool also allows IFS to offer a much more future-proof solution that is based on open standards, is scalable, and supports multiple platforms.


This course is intended for business analysts, project managers, information technology personnel, and core team members.


It is assumed that the participants have a working knowledge of IFS and a basic knowledge of object-oriented technology.


Latest released version unless otherwise noted


2 days


This course show participants how to fully use the features within Report Designer to generate custom reports using data from IFS Applications.

Topics will include:

  • IFS report methodology
  • Understanding of the different areas of the IFS Report Designer solution
  • Report Designer layout concepts
  • Understanding the schema information
  • Understanding the concepts of blocks and tables
  • Modifying the layout of the report

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