IFS Sales & Marketing Client/Admin Training

This course is designed to give participants a thorough understanding of IFS Sales and Marketing functionality and administration so you are able to manage and analyze crucial customer data in a better way. Activities include introductory and advanced exercises, as well as discussion and recommendations for best use practices and system set up.


This course is intended for everyone involved in the customer relation management.




Latest released version unless otherwise noted


2 Days


By the end of the training, you will know how to...

Handle the basic features in IFS Sales & Marketing:

  • Keep track of companies, contacts, activities, products and other information through IFS Sales & Marketing Windows and Web Client
  • Search functions and navigation
  • Create selections
  • Create and update multiple activities
  • Create and update campaigns
  • Insert documents
  • Mail merge
  • Export data from the system and create i.e. simple Excel reports for analysis.
  • User personalized setup/options
  • Other functions...

Administrate IFS Sales & Marketing database:

  • Edit table properties
  • Add single and multiple choice options
  • Implement a security model
  • Default value management
  • Transfer companies and selections between users

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