IFS Time & Attendance

This course will provide you with the most common administration and execution procedures for IFS Time & Attendance. It will guide you through the basic set up of Time & Attendance, including Organization and Position definition, creating employees, defining schedules, and the most common Work Hour Rules. It will also cover employee scheduling, deviation cycles, group reporting and other execution related areas of the application.


This course is intended for HR administrators, payroll personnel, business analysts, project managers, and core team members.


Basic IFS HR knowledge recommended but not required.


Latest released version unless otherwise noted


2 days


This course provides a broad understanding of how to construct the HR system, including basic data setup, authority privileges, schedules, and time reporting.

Topics include:

  • Creating new employees in the system
  • Creating an organizational structure
  • Defining authority permissions for time authorization
  • Creating wage codes and schedules
  • Creating time and attendance rules
  • Time clock configuration
  • Absence and alternate schedule tracking
  • Working with team reporting on time
  • Authorizing time for payroll

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