IFS Web Client 3.5 Development

This course teaches the fundamental concepts and programming techniques of the IFS/Web Client 3.5 and portal.


This course is strongly recommended for IT personnel who need to develop IFS/Web Client 3.5 forms and portlets. They could also be technicians and developers of Foundation1 based applications.


The Foundation1 Basics course or equivalent. Some basic knowledge about how WWW works is desired but not strictly required. Some basic Java understanding is required.


IFS/Web Client 3.5


5 days


  • Learn about the architecture of the IFS Web Client 3.5 (Web Server, J2EE Servlet Architecture, IFS Application Server, Corba, JSP, HTML, JavaScript, Java)
  • Practice development of a web servlet
  • Use the IFS Web Client framework to develop the web pages
  • Use the IFS Web Client framework to develop the web portlets
  • Connect pages and portlets to use the server side business logic
  • Learn about security and localization concerns

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