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A New Approach to ERP

Once implemented, IFS Applications is not complex and rigid. It’s designed to rapidly adjust to changes in technology and business, maximizing enterprise agility. This video explains how.

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Four Reasons to Consolidate your ERP Software

If your business is running more than a single enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package, you need to consolidate down to one. In this whitepaper, we’ll provide you with four good reasons for making this move, and how to get around the various organizational barriers to doing so.

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ERP with Embedded CRM

Embedded CRM is just one of the many innovations in IFS Applications that will help you cash in on change. See what Beijer and other IFS customers say about the new embedded CRM functionality in IFS Applications in this brief executive summary.


WNA Benefits From Multi Site Functionality Within IFS Applications

WNA wanted a system that maintained consistency of process at all sites and that could grow as they expanded business through mergers and acquisitions. Since 2003, they have grown and are able to complete price roll for six business sites within 48 hours.

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