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Long-term management and maintenance of assets is critical for offshore service companies.

An owner-operator or contractor doing asset upgrades or lifecycle extensions on drilling rigs or production platforms is met with strict quality requirements. Unwarranted downtime directly impacts the bottom line and must be avoided. IFS offers owners and contractors an industry-based software solution for more effective processes and increased service revenues.

Project lifecycle management, service lifecycle management and asset lifecycle management for advanced maintenance contracting - all in a single enterprise suite. IFS Applications and IFS Enterprise Service Management products are the ideal solution for companies operating in the demanding and dynamic oilfield service industry.

BW Offshore Relies on IFS Applications for Offshore Operations

Fritz Ekløff, SVP Corporate IT & Systems, BW Offshore selecting IFS as an ERP vendor. BW Offshore is a leading global provider of floating production services to the oil and gas industry.

BW Offshore Manages Operations with IFS Applications (Part 1)

Rig operations and maintenance, whether it is carried out by an owner/operator or oil field service provider, requires robust enterprise asset management (EAM), project management and field service management. IFS Applications delivers it all.

You live or die by your assets… the capital equipment you deploy on site or operate offshore. Only IFS Applications is proven worldwide across the entire lifecycle of assets and projects in your market. IFS is the number one enterprise asset management (EAM) software provider to the oil and gas industry according to ARC Advisory Group.


Oil field equipment operates in a complex and demanding environment, and a standard computerized maintenance system won’t do the job. You need a specialized enterprise asset management (EAM) system like IFS Applications.


To ensure optimum cost and delivery-time management, large service contracts are typically executed as projects. In IFS Project Management, designated project activities, executed within a collaborative network, are the basis for the planning and scheduling of work elements, including equipment and personnel. Configurable operations planning boards allow visual monitoring and tracking of progress, costs and on-going changes. Project engineers need only a moment to see where they’re at.


Major offshore drilling companies are adopting IFS Applications for enterprise asset management (EAM). With native offshore data replication, NORSOK compliance and integrated document management and engineering register, nobody helps you with asset integrity management like IFS!

IFS Applications for Oil Field Service

IFS Applications for Oil Field Service companies is an industry solution that includes top-rated offerings for project management, material management/logistics, maintenance planning, work/service order management, resource allocation, document management, financial and performance measurement, as well as human resources.

IFS Applications brings customer- and field-service facing applications together as a stand-alone solution; integrated with existing corporate enterprise systems; or as part of a more comprehensive IFS Applications deployment.

The services management solution supports contracts, including service-level agreements, revaluation and pro-rata calculations. Team planning, competence management, time-and-attendance tracking and work-load analysis are included.

Mobility solutions include complete job reporting and job creation from the field. Integrated document management functionality allows secure collaboration with colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners. The right information is available to the right people at the right time, enabling better decisions and faster response.

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