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How do you ensure that you have the right products, in the right store, at the right time? With an agile, flexible ERP solution. The IFS Assortment Sourcing and Replenishment solution provides a systematic approach for setting and reaching your future performance goals for sales, inventory and other financial metrics while tracking your actual results towards achieving those goals. Your planning will be based on historical trends and insights into expected future changes. Plan for seasonality and ever-changing customer demands to ensure that you have products in your distribution centers and stores to maximize sales and increase profitability.


IFS Assortment Sourcing and Replenishment enables you to keep your inventory automatically flowing through your supply chain by maintaining your fill rates. To avoid the return of unsold goods to their distributions centers from eating up your entire margin, our assortment and replenishment solution lets you acquire products on a recurring basis. To support anticipated need, you can order on demand, make supplements to an order and order according to product or size curve.

If you carry so-called long-life products that aren't selling as well as they did last year, and it's desirable to sell what's already in stock and reduce the purchase for next year, then IFS Assortment Sourcing and Replenishment automates the change of the purchase order. This maintains an advantageous purchase price without risking larger-than-required purchasing volumes.

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