Friday, September 27, 2013

NEC enhances global supply chain with IFS Applications for manufacturing

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that Japanese company NEC Corporation, a leading provider of IT integration and network technologies, has implemented IFS Applications™ as the manufacturing system for its System Platform Business Unit. The implementation marks the first step of NEC’s plan to roll out the solution to additional business units.

With net sales of 7.5 billion dollars, representing 24.2% of NEC’s consolidated revenue, System Platform is the group’s largest business unit, producing Windows servers, Linux Servers, and super computers. The implemented IFS solution covers manufacturing and distribution and has been deployed at a number of NEC sites in Japan. The aim of the implementation has been to enhance NEC’s global supply chain management (SCM), save costs, and improve quality.

The IFS solution offers robust product lifecycle management (PLM) functionality to support all product development information, including design, specification, and bills of materials (BOM). The system also helps visualize quality, cost and delivery throughout the company while ensuring increased efficiency and earnings.

“We selected IFS Applications because of its pull-manufacturing functionality, which makes it possible to produce products based on customers’ delivery time,” NEC Senior Manager of Manufacturing and Process Industries Solutions Development Division, Enterprise Business Unit Mr. Fumitoshi Miyashita said. “Other important drivers were the solution’s open architecture, enabling us to develop additional functionality, as well a reduced total cost of ownership. The implementation was completed quickly and on schedule. By deploying IFS Applications, we will benefit from an optimized global manufacturing system and quicker start-up periods for new factories.”

“We are happy to announce yet another rapid and on-time implementation,” IFS Japan Managing Director Stefan Gustafsson said. “I am sure that our solutions will deliver real customer value and support NEC’s core business processes. IFS has been working with NEC for more than ten years—as a partner as well as a customer—and we are looking forward to continuing our long collaboration.”

In addition to being an IFS customer, NEC is also an important technology partner. Since 1998, the companies have worked on a number of joint development projects, most recently producing an extension for the food and beverage industry.

The high-tech industry is one of IFS’s targeted vertical markets. IFS offers industry-specific solutions for companies in the electronic equipment, electronic component and semiconductor industries. These solutions support all business processes from design and mixed-mode manufacturing to after-sales support and warranty management. IFS’s high-tech customers include Eltek, Wolfson Microelectronics, Kitron, maxon motor, and Olympus Keymed.

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NEC Corporation is a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies that benefit businesses and people around the world. By providing a combination of products and solutions that cross utilize the company’s experience and global resources, NEC’s advanced technologies meet the complex and ever-changing needs of its customers. NEC brings more than 100 years of expertise in technological innovation to empower people, businesses and society.  For more information, visit NEC at

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