Tuesday, June 12, 2007

IFS widens partner cooperation in the Nordic region

IFS and WM-data will expand their partnership through a substantial investment in a new competence center for IFS Applications in the Nordic region. The companies are now carrying out start-up activities to enroll and train staff with the ambition of WM-data having 100 certified IFS consultants within the next few years.

The initiative includes, among other things, the enrollment of 25 new graduates for a year-long training program in Linköping. WM-data is now carrying out a recruitment campaign at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), the Universityof Linköping, the Universityof Örebro, and Mälarhögskolan. Training is planned to start on September 1, 2007. 

In addition to the investment in training, the companies have also agreed on a joint business focus in the steel, pulp and paper, energy, and aviation and defense industries, in order to increase sales of WM-data’s consulting services and IFSApplications for the manufacturing and maintenance process within these sectors. 

“Together with WM-data as a partner, we are well able to meet customer requirements for complementary services within business development, integration, system development, support, and application management. Furthermore, we will expand our contact base in the market through WM-data’s strong position in the Nordic region,” said Glenn Arnesen, President of IFS Scandinavia. 

Today Saab is the main joint customer for the two partners. There is currently a high demand in the Nordic region for consulting services related to business applications. This demand is predicted to continue. The cooperation with WM-data gives IFScustomers a wider choice and an expanded offering of specialist competence. 

More info on WM-data: www.wmdata.com

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Vice President Corporate Communications Oliver Pilgerstorfer

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