Tuesday, April 24, 2007

IFS Applications allows Certex to reduce operational costs and enhance customer relationships

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, has today announced the implementation of IFS Applications across Certex UK’s multiple sites. The implementation will improve Certex’s workflow, help boost productivity and enhance the company’s customer relationship management.

As one of the country’s leading suppliers of lifting gear to the manufacturing, engineering, offshore, ports, defence and construction industries, Certex UK manufactures and distributes critical products such as wire ropes, chains, hoists, loose lifting equipment, height safety equipment and slings for a wide range of market sectors. Certex supplies Made to Order (MTO) and Configured to Order (CTO) stock in addition to standard off-the-shelf products. These product lines account for seventy per cent of the company’s business, with the remaining thirty per cent coming from the sale of site services and lifting equipment hire. 

Certex’s customer leads times are often short with orders being frequently changed and Certex needed an agile software system in order to respond to these key business issues. IFS was chosen as Certex’s new software provider in December 2006 because of the scalability and ease of use of IFS Applications. The IFS solution can be implemented across a multi-site model, and supports inter-site planning and replenishment, and thus is capable of meeting the inventory challenges of Certex’s demanding supply chain. 

“With IFS, we have found a reasonably priced solution that matches all our workflow requirements, allowing us to have the same software approach rolled out across all of our sites,” said Tony, Stringer, Managing Director at Certex. IFS customer relationship management and productivity solutions willmake us more efficient in the delivery services and products to our customer base.”

IFShas been selected by Certex to implement IFS Applications to support a wide range of business processes including finance, sales and marketing, supply chain, manufacturing, and service and quality across a multi-branch network.   Certex will also monitor their key business metrics using IFS Balanced Scorecards for KPI measurement.

“IFS understands that, due to the time critical nature of the construction industry, construction services and products companies such as Certex must be able to shorten their response time” said Paul Massey, Managing Director, IFS UK. “IFS Applications offers a modern first-class solution to our customers without having to compromise on functionality or scalability.”

The project is expected to go live during the third quarter of 2007.

About IFS and IFS Applications

IFS (OMXS: IFS), the global enterprise applications company, provides ERP solutions which enable organisations to respond quickly to market changes. The solutions allow resources to be used in a more agile way to achieve better business performance and competitive advantage.Founded in 1983, IFS has 2,600 employees worldwide. With IFS Applications™, now in its seventh generation, IFS has pioneered component-based ERP software. The component architecture provides solutions that are easier to implement, run and upgrade. IFS Applications is available in 54 countries in 22 languages. IFS has over 600,000 users across seven key vertical sectors: aerospace & defence; automotive; high-tech; industrial manufacturing; process industries; construction, contracting, service & facilities management; and utilities & telecommunications. IFS Applications provides extended ERP functionality, including CRM, SCM, PLM, CPM, enterprise asset management, and MRO capabilities.The Construction and Service Management industry is one of IFS’ targeted vertical market segments. The company offers a complete and integrated business solution that manages the complete construction lifecycle, including scope, tender, approve, award, deliver, and handover. With IFS Applications, customers can support and improve business processes within their project and asset lifecycles, and can collaborate more closely with suppliers, subcontractors, operators and customers. IFS Applications supports planning and forecasting, improves efficiency and control in day-to-day operations, and integrates project, asset and facilities management with sales contract management, workforce management, and business intelligence. Existing IFS Customers in the Construction and Service Management industry include Hertel, Babcock International, Alan Dick, First Engineering, Mitsui Babcock, and Rotary Engineering.

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