Friday, March 07, 2014

One of Poland’s largest coal energy providers to implement IFS Applications 8

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A., Poland’s largest hard coal fired generator and responsible for nearly eight percent of the country’s energy production, has decided to upgrade to IFS Applications™ 8. The solution will be implemented across four sites, providing a fully integrated industry solution that will consolidate and optimize the company’s business processes.

Having used IFS Applications since 2003, ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A. (formerly known as Elektrownia "Kozienice" S.A) decided to unify its IT environment by upgrading to IFS Applications 8. The solution will also be implemented at three additional locations, which are part of ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A. since the beginning of 2014. Used by 535 users, IFS Applications 8 will support critical business processes such as maintenance, project management, supply chain management, financials and sales.

“Deploying IFS Applications 8 across our entire company will enable us to unify our IT environment and improve the efficiency of our business processes,” ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A. CEO Krzysztof Sadowski said. “We are convinced that upgrading to the latest version is a crucial step to realize our long-term business development strategy.”

“The power generation, transmission and distribution segments are key elements of our strategy for the energy and utilities industry,” IFS CEO Alastair Sorbie said. “We have a long and distinguished track record in the global energy sector. Drawing on the collaboration with world-leading customers and industry analysts, we have made significant product investments specifically aimed at the energy sector. We are especially pleased with our strong market presence in Poland in energy generation* and the recognition with this new deal of our full enterprise capabilities is due to our industry focus and strategy.”

*According to DiS market research agency, IFS is the number one ERP vendor in the Polish market from the point of view of the number of ERP system installations in large energy generation enterprises (DiS Monitor IT no. 10, 2012 "ERP Implementations in 2011").

About ENEA Wytwarzanie

ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A. (formerly known as Elektrownia "Kozienice" S.A.) is part of the ENEA Capital Group. ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A. is the largest hard coal energy provider in Poland. ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A. power station includes 10 high capacity energy units with a total output of 2913 MW. This translates to nearly 8% of electricity produced in Poland. The generating capacity is roughly 14 TWh per year. Due to its installed power and location, the ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A. power station is one of the most important and largest plants within the public power system (KSE). As part of the ENEA Capital Group asset consolidation process, Elektrociepłownia Białystok S.A., Elektrownie Wodne Sp. z o.o. and Dobitt Energia Sp. z o.o merged with ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A. in December of 2013. More information on ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A. is available at

About IFS

IFS™is a public company (XSTO: IFS) founded in 1983 that develops, supplies, and implements IFS Applications™, a component-based extended ERP suite. IFS focuses on industries where management of any of the following four core processes is strategic: service & asset, manufacturing, supply chain, and projects. The company has 2,200 customers and is present in approximately 60 countries with 2,600 employees in total. Net revenue in 2013 was SKr 2.7 billion.

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