Monday, June 30, 2014

Warsaw water utility MPWiK S.A. improves fleet and service management with IFS Applications

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that the water utility of Warsaw, Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji w Warszawie S.A. (MPWiK S.A.), has implemented IFS Applications™ to streamline its business processes. The implementation has brought a number of benefits, especially in managing the company’s large number of vehicles and assets.

  • Optimized management of vehicle fleet and advanced equipment adding up to 1,300 units for improved efficiency and lower costs
  • Manual entry of 20,000+ logs per quarter eliminated through a transportation management system

As the supplier of water to the residents of Warsaw, MPWiK S.A. operates a water supply network of approximately 3,400 kilometers and a sewer system of some 3,200 kilometers, delivering more than 300 million liters of water to the municipal water network every day. To ensure the continuity of services in the Warsaw metropolitan area, the company maintains a fleet of 400 vehicles and 900 units of technical equipment.

MPWiK S.A. Warsaw has deployed IFS Applications to support business processes such as finance, distribution, and fleet and equipment maintenance. The IFS solution’s maintenance functionality—combined with the transport order solution—allows for integrated vehicle and equipment management, resulting in agile provisioning of services.

Key benefits of IFS Applications include optimization of transportation processes management. Improvements of activities in this area include integration with a fleet monitoring system, centralization and unification of vehicle and equipment data, elimination of the manual entry of some 20,000 hard-copy driver’s logs per quarter, more efficient internal fuel distribution, supervision of spare parts flow, and streamlined vehicle and equipment inspection and repairs. With IFS Applications, the company is able to capture detailed transport data including information about the efficiency and mobility of individual workers.

"We are pleased to announce that IFS Applications has been implemented at MPWiK S.A. Warsaw," said Marcin Taranek, President of IFS CEE. "Utilities represent an important industry for IFS and our solution for the water supply and sewage sector ensures agile support for all industry-specific processes."

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Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji w Warszawie Spółka Akcyjna (MPWiK S.A. Warsaw) supplies water to the residents of Warsaw. The company operates a water supply network of approx. 3,400 km and a sewer system of approx.3,200 km in length. Three treatment stations deliver 300 million liters of water to municipal water network every day. Find out more at

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