Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mid West Ports Authority to Support Efficiency and Growth with IFS Applications

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that Mid West Ports Authority, which manages a busy and complex Western Australian port at Geraldton, will implement IFS Applications™ to support efficiency improvements to accommodate cargo tonnage growth which exceeded 20% last year.

  • Integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) to improve process efficiencies
  • IFS Touch Apps reduce double handling and improve productivity
  • Real-time visibility across marine and landside operations for timely decision making

Mid West Ports will implement IFS Applications as an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to replace a number of separate existing systems. The ERP solution will integrate information across its marine and landside operations to support more efficient operational and financial processes, real-time decision making and mobile information access.

“The only way a port like Geraldton can continue to grow is through more efficient processes,” said David Geldart, General Manager – Corporate Services for Mid West Ports. “To achieve that we need accurate, timely and complete information across our entire operations. IFS will give us real-time information on a dashboard to make decisions when they are needed rather than having to wait for end of month reports."

”A key area for improved efficiencies will be in the precise coordination of marine and landside operations. IFS Applications will improve productivity, so Mid West Ports can handle increased cargo volumes without more staff. With an integrated ERP, double handling of information through the use of spreadsheets will be avoided. “Staff will be able to use their time more constructively in the business rather than entering information into a system,” said Geldart.

Financial processes will be automated, freeing up staff resources and improving customer service. IFS will drive efficiencies through improved coordination of asset maintenance and associated staff resources. With IFS Touch Apps, maintenance crew can access and update work order asset management and service management information while on the move, further increasing productivity.

Mid West Ports selected IFS after an extensive evaluation of ERP and best-of-breed solutions. Compared with other ERP solutions, IFS demonstrated the best fit for Mid West Ports’ requirements without extensive customisation. Selecting multiple best-of-breed vendors was ruled out because of the additional integration risks and software licensing costs involved. “With a fully integrated system you take those risks off the table,” said Geldart. “IFS will also give us the efficiencies we need at a much reduced capital cost to the organisation.”

“We are happy to be working with Mid West Ports, following a number of international wins in the sector including the Port of Dover in the UK,” said Rob Stummer, Managing Director at IFS Australia and New Zealand. “As the manager of one of Australia’s fastest growing regional ports we look forward to working with Mid West Ports to provide visibility and control over its operations and improved efficiencies.”

About Mid West Ports Authority

Located in the heart of the city of Geraldton, the port is 424 kilometres north of Perth, 1,340 kilometres south of Port Hedland and 990 kilometres west of Kalgoorlie. Mid West Ports manages the port and is governed by the Board of Directors appointed by the Minister for Transport.Mid West Ports facilitates trade, controls the port, makes sure safety comes first and operates efficiently, to look after the port’s land and infrastructure – and protect the natural environment surrounding the port. The main cargoes are iron ores, grains, fuels, metals, mineral sands, talc, garnet and fertilisers. For more information visit www.midwestports.com.au

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