Thursday, February 14, 2008

Moelven upgrades and expands its IFS solution

Moelven Industrier ASA, one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of building products, has signed an agreement with IFS to upgrade and expand its use of IFS Applications. The agreement has a total order value of NKr 15 million.

Moelven has been an IFS customer since 2000 and is one Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of building products and related services. The group has 3,425 employees in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The Moelven Wood and Moelven Timber divisions, which comprise 35 business units, will all upgrade to the new solution from IFS. The business has grown substantially in recent years, both organically and through acquisitions.

Moelven has just completed a major change project to standardize business processes and reporting procedures among other things. “We would not have been able to carry out this process so quickly and efficiently without IFS Applications. Through our acquisitions we have experience of a number of enterprise applications vendors. We can see now that we made the right choice eight years ago, and will continue along the same path,” said Morten Kristiansen, vice president of Moelven Industrier ASA.

In addition to upgrading to the latest version of IFS Applications, the solution will be expanded with a range of new components, including:

  • Trade Management, part of IFS Applications for Retail & Wholesale, which will replace Moelven’s homegrown applications for trading with building supplier retail chains.
  • Sales & Marketing, the core of IFS Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which will be added to the solution as part of Moelven’s strategy of becoming the market’s most customer-oriented provider of building products. This component will provide Moelven with a complete overview of historical transactions, ongoing activities, and expected customer requirements.
  • IFS/Business Analytics, a business intelligence tool developed by IFS in collaboration with Microsoft.   

Efficient reporting is essential in a major corporation. “Each month our 45 business units report their results to the group. The results are consolidated at corporate level shortly afterward. The solution provided by IFS is not merely a system that supports these processes, but also an essential tool for analyzing which products and customers represent profitable business. This gives us considerably better information on which to base business decisions,” said Morten Kristiansen.

Product distribution is an area in which IFS Applications has enabled Moelven to make substantial savings. “We cannot give exact numbers, but we are talking about millions of Norwegian kroner annually. With IFS Applications, we get an overview, whenever we require, of products we have in stock, where they are, and where and when they are to be delivered. Our aim is to have as few trucks as possible on the road while fulfilling our delivery guarantee of 48 hours. If our trucks are full, we save money—and protect the environment,” said Kristiansen.

As a result of collaborating with Moelven, IFS can offer the forestry industry a complete industry-specific solution based on IFS Applications combined with competence in the wood production industry. “We have enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with Moelven Industrier for eight years. Now we are looking forward to offering this solution to a wider group. We believe it is the best in the industry,” said Glenn Arnesen, managing director of IFS Scandinavia.

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