Monday, December 18, 2017

Manufactura Moderna de Metales doubles revenue with IFS Applications


MMM, a leading manufacturer for the automotive industry, empowered employees with enhanced efficiency and analytical tools to drive growth

IFS Applications™ has been the key to success for MMM's international growth, enabling them to optimize and automate their manufacturing, engineering, project, finance, maintenance, quality management, ASC and HR processes, generating more efficient people and offering them a 360º view of the business with a single click.

MMM has doubled its turnover from 30 to 60 million euros since they started using IFS Applications in 2013. The ERP software has been a key part of the profitable growth. Today MMM has approximately 800 users that are operating across Spain, Russia and Romania. 

“Using IFS Applications helped us to achieve a 360º view of all company processes while improving the data collection procedures and increasing the reliability of information. The software also facilitated communication between departments and gave us access to strong analytical tools, which has been crucial to the company’s growth and success,” says Marc Riera, Controller Group of MMM.

By using IFS Applications to optimize and automate manufacturing, engineering, project, finance, maintenance, quality management, ASC and HR processes, MMM has been able to implement and rely on tools that deliver enhanced flexibility, efficiency and visibility. MMM has achieved its goal of all branches around the world becoming clones and working in the same way. This means that all branches have the same working procedures on an operational level, so that one plant can perfectly interpret data and actions from the others, thereby increasing communication and efficiency.

MMM’s medium-term business strategy includes opening a plant in Mexico and securing a turnover of 100 million euros in 2020. In companies where market demands and requirements change very quickly, this is only possible by working with enterprise software that scales with growth and streamlines processes across the organization.

 “The implementation at MMM proves how well IFS Applications suits manufacturing companies that grow rapidly across regions and need a scalable solution to optimize process efficiency,” says Gustavo Brito, CEO at IFS Spain and Portugal.

About MMM

MMM is a business group specializing in the design, development and production of tube systems for the automotive industry. Its extensive technical and industry knowledge, along with its company structure, mean we can quickly attend to our customers' needs, providing accessible and transparent treatment. Open to new global challenges and, in keeping with its commitment to service, MMM wants to take customers to their target markets from its plants in Spain, Romania and Russia.

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