Partner types and levels

Types of Partners

The Partner Network is built on an ecosystem of companies that consist of four different partner types:


i.e. Management consultancies, system integrators, consulting houses, contractors, support organizations: Enhances or expands the ability to deliver complex IT and managed services projects.


i.e. Independent software vendor (ISV), outsourcing, technology, infrastructure organization, or IoT. Provides infrastructure, and/or software, complements the software capabilities offered by IFS, and allows for network connectivity.


Channel partners may be distributors, vendors, consultants, systems integrators (SI), technology deployment consultancies, and value-added resellers (VARs) and other such organizations.


All ‘types’ of partners can become resellers of IFS Applications (subject to agreement). To enable IFS and our partners to deliver effectively and fully a customer project, IFS partners with third-party software and technology companies and may act as a reseller of their software or technology.

Level of relationships

There are four levels of relationships: Authorized, Silver, Gold and Platinum; all of which are categorized by the level of commitments and deliverables between the companies.


Authorized Partners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This is the entry point for building a foundation to initiate a long-lasting business relationship. IFS will recommend best practices to help your organization increase sales opportunities. You will have access to training, marketing and sales resources, as well as the opportunity to refer customers to IFS. Over time, we want to develop Authorized Partners into experts who are selling complete IFS solutions.


Silver Partners have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the IFS Partner Network to determine how IFS will complement their company’s strengths. At this tier, your expertise will come into play as you start to create case studies and align with the IFS sales organization on a deeper level. Silver Partners receive access to training, marketing and sales resources, as well as the opportunity to refer customers to IFS. The Partner Network Office will provide guidance and support to maximize your investment.


The Gold Partner level is a collaborative alliance with expertise in specific industries or solutions. Gold Partners receive all of the Silver level benefits while experiencing greater visibility within the IFS sales organization. You will receive increased support from IFS, including access to our extranet, elevated priority within our internal website, invitations to participate in more co-sponsored events and the sales tools needed to accelerate business growth. Business reviews will help ensure that the path to a higher tier is clear and obtainable.


The Platinum Partner level is a synergistic alliance that exemplifies the scope of your company’s expertise with IFS solutions. Platinum partners have demonstrated proficiency in delivering customer value with a large focus on selling complex solutions. You will receive dedicated support from IFS, including access to our extranet, top priority within our internal website, exclusive co-sponsored events and the sales tools needed not only to accelerate business growth, but also sustain this elite status. Business and executive reviews demonstrate the mutual commitment to continued success.