IFS Applications as a service for lower TCO, higher performance

Chances are your company’s core business does not revolve around the maintenance and support of enterprise software. Instead, your core business is to engineer, manufacture, build, operate or maintain products or assets and to profitably serve customers. Supporting your ERP and EAM software is just not a core discipline for you. That is why IFS North America offers IFS Applications as a Service. Our cloud solution allows you to offload a number of critical functions and infrastructure concerns including servers, operating systems, databases, application maintenance, and fault correction to the professionally managed IFS Private Cloud. This cloud offering is just one element in IFS’ strategy for cloud computing, and is designed to package the most desirable elements of cloud computing into an attractive and compelling service offering.

Today, your information technology staff may already be stretched too far. IT has become a central factor for your business, and your CIO or IT director is probably involved in a number of programs that add value to your unique business environment. Supporting an enterprise application is not unique to your business ... it is easily commoditized and outsourced through IFS Applications as a Service.

Learn about the IFS cloud solution that includes a highly scalable environment and provides the maximum business value for lower cost.

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