Enterprise Mobility in the Asset Intensive Industry

IFS Applications™ is the enterprise suite of choice for companies that live or die by profitable operation of complex capital assets. IFS is committed to helping process manufacturers, the energy industry, the aerospace and defense sector and other asset-intensive companies realize all of the advantages that enterprise mobility has to offer. IFS is the recognized leader in service and asset management software in a number of industries. For most asset-intensive companies, projects are the cornerstone of their business. Managing projects of various sizes and complexity is often the key to success.

However, companies still struggle with fragmented business solutions that lack integration, making a plant shutdown, a refit of a production line or maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of a jet or marine engine difficult to manage. Even with powerful back end project management functionality, it can be difficult to manage a project in real time because the maintenance technician is recording work performed well after the fact – at the end of the day when they are back at a computer. This means that work is often not recorded or is recorded inaccurately so front office personnel cannot determine what is going on with a project in real time, which in turns slows down the ability to execute against a project plan. IFS Applications delivers a true EAM solution with integrated enterprise project management. To learn more about how IFS Applications can provide Enterprise Mobility, download this executive summary.

To learn more, read this executive summary.

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