How IFS Applications 9 Lets Kimal Create Simplicity from Complexity in its Global Supply Chain

A single-minded focus on collaborative growth strategies has created success for British medical devices manufacturer Kimal plc that began in the UK over 50 years ago. IFS Applications™ has played a prominent role in Kimal’s global success story since they first installed it in 2000.

Moving up to the latest IFS Applications 9, released in May 2015, Kimal enjoyed a well-managed upgrade, delivered on time with minimal internal disruption to business that their customers would not have noticed.

Here are three ways Kimal benefits from IFS Applications 9:

  1. Increased ease of accounting across multiple companies that support a managed services business model
  2. Drive new functionality and retire costly modifications with enhanced custom fields
  3. IFS Lobby to deliver tasks and information directly and quickly to those who need them

And the clincher from the usability perspective: “It’s so simple and so streamlined the Finance team is loving it!” says Kimal.

See what IFS Applications can do for your business - download the Kimal case study.

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