Manage your virtual enterprise with IFS Applications for the semiconductor industry

If you’ve shifted manufacturing to third-party assembly and testing houses or are outsourcing engineering, design and testing, you’ve realized a lot of benefits, such as reduced costs and faster response to changing market conditions. But managing a variety of companies worldwide is complex, and without the right business applications, you may lose many of the benefits through inefficiencies if your IT system was not built to handle the complexities of your virtual enterprise. IFS Applications™ was designed from the ground up to meet the demands of multisite, multinational companies.

Its central database, web-based portals, and integrated planning, scheduling, and corporate performance management applications let you manage your outsourced operations as if they were your own. Moreover, IFS is easy to implement and administer, ensuring a rapid return on your investment while conserving valuable IT resources. IFS has both the proven track record and necessary experience to deliver successful implementations for companies in all aspects of the semiconductor industry. For more information, view our Executive Summary on the Semiconductor Industry.

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