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Agile Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Capitalize on change

Configured for your industry

IFS is a different kind of enterprise resource planning software. It is not complex and rigid like some other ERP suites. Instead, it is designed to help you rapidly take advantage of emerging technology and the changing market landscape, maximizing the agility of your business.

Our solution includes functionality for Enterprise Project Management, Enterprise Asset Management and Service Management. The application can be configured for a variety of industries and excels in demanding settings that combine elements of manufacturing, project, service and asset management.

IFS Enterprise Resource Planning


Our ERP solution is ideal for demanding discrete and process manufacturing environments including those with heavy traceability requirements like food and beverage and aviation and defense as well as project-centric settings.


Manufacturing ERP Software


Project management is a core component of our solution and can be leveraged as Project-driven ERP or Project Portfolio Management. Plant shutdowns, product launches, engineering projects, asset and product lifecycles can be managed intelligently within our software.


Integrated project management software

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management functionality is an embedded and advanced component within our software, providing you with a powerful logistics solution in demanding environments like aviation and defense, oilfield services and multi-location manufacturing.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management software

Service Management

As an integral part of our offering, IFS’s Service Management solution provides extensive service and asset management capabilities with all the benefits of a comprehensive ERP system.


 IFS Enterprise Service Management