IFS Touch Apps

IFS Touch Apps is a series of Smartphone apps for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms. IFS Touch Apps target the mobile business user “on the move.” We see IFS Touch Apps being used in all the same situations where mobile e-mail is used today … when waiting in the check-in line at the airport, in the back of a taxi, at home on the TV couch during commercial breaks etc. The common characteristics for these situations are that you only have minutes (or seconds), that you can be interrupted at any time, and that you rarely have a desk to put your device on.

Therefore IFS Touch Apps focuses on quick-to-complete tasks, minimize typing, and are designed in a way that you can leave the app at any point and continue later. For the same reasons we also use the design principle of “phone first”, meaning that although all IFS Touch Apps will run and function on iPad and Android tablets just as they do on iPhone and Android phones, we design for the smartphone form factor as the first priority.

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