Auswahl der richtigen ERP-Software für die Öl- und Gasbranche (eng.)

Executives at contracting, engineering, equipment suppliers and professional service companies serving the asset-intensive oil and gas industry know that this is a challenging time to be in the industry. Customer organizations are more demanding than ever, and are asking their vendors to take on more risk, compete more aggressively on price and toe the line on quality. Information technology certainly has a role to play in meeting these challenges, particularly since many companies serving the industry are still running their businesses on older enterprise applications not really suited for the information intensive nature of the industry.

Enterprise applications designed to meet these needs are relatively new to the market, and ought to be considered carefully by industry executives charged with succeeding in the market today. In this whitepaper, we will discuss the market trends affecting vendors to the oil and gas industry, how these trends are affecting operations and specific ways that enterprise technology can automate the best practices that will ensure success.

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