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Data lets organizations grow. Discover enterprise software for what's next.

Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things are redefining expectations. Service response times are measured in minutes and seconds, not hours or days. Performance data is becoming ubiquitous and available 24/7, in real-time. Entire industries are completely re-imagining what they can do—and how they can do it.

Seize the opportunity and prepare for what’s next

In a digital landscape, new, emerging business opportunities abound—but only for those agile enough to seize the moment. IFS:

  • Enables change, by linking your business strategy and growth ambitions to enterprise software investments.
  • Gives you the knowledge to understand exactly what is happening across your business, helping you prepare for what’s next.
  • Embeds the flexibility to take rapid action, enhancing profitability and competitiveness whenever and wherever opportunities arise.

Increased productivity and quality, reduced costs, greater process automation and better decision-making: IFS Applications is enterprise software that can increase enterprise-wide agility.

Business Agility in 60 seconds

Why business agility is more important than ever.

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Software and the future of business agility

Did you know that telecoms and utilities are among the most confident industries when it comes to business agility, whereas financial services is at the opposite end of the scale? Read more on this and discover how flexible enterprise software can give you true business agility and let you thrive now and in the future.

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True Business Agility Starts with the Tools You Use

With new markets, and new opportunities, how can you choose the right enterprise software to support business agility?

This white paper examines how to meet the challenges of organizational change by building on flexible technology for easy integration and deployment.

True business agility starts with the tools you use

A global view on software and agility

Find out what global enterprise companies are saying about their software solutions.

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