Omni-Channel Contact Center

Transform your call center to deliver omni-channel service

However customers choose to contact you, IFS Customer Engagement™ (CE) allows you to deliver a seamless customer experience. Be it calls, email, chat or messaging, our omni-channel platform provides a single, universal solution for queueing, skills-based routing and providing customer care. Customer contacts are presented on a smart agent desktop, guiding agents through complex processes and ensuring a fully joined up cross-channel experience. As standard, the core platform provides IVR, call recording, workflow and extensive workforce optimization. Our powerful drag-drop configuration tool empowers contact center staff to evolve all aspects of the contact center.

Delivered on premise or in the cloud, IFS CE incorporates all the ingredients of a traditional call center ACD while also providing the widest range of non-voice channels in the market as part of a single omni-channel solution.

Group omni-channel communications regardless of platform

The unique omni-channel grouping functionality transforms productivity by ensuring that all associated contacts in the queue are delivered and dealt with simultaneously. For example, if a customer has emailed or tweeted your organization and then makes contact again about the same case via web chat or phone, the agent who receives the request will automatically be presented with any live related queuing emails, social posts or workflow objects and can close off the current and the queuing items immediately.

The impact of grouping

Elevating phone-based service and enabling proactive outbound campaigns

While new channels are constantly being added to the customer service environment, telephone remains the primary channel. Businesses must remain focused on contact center telephony and enabling agents to rapidly resolve increasingly complex calls. IFS CE delivers all the ingredients of a traditional call center ACD, while providing a full outbound campaign solution. Outbound campaigns and call-backs can be interspersed alongside inbound calls to maximize contact center productivity.

IFS CE provides a complete solution for executing simple and complex campaigns; the platform offers preview, progressive and predictive dialing options so campaigns can be matched to audience and legal requirements.

Key features

  • Advanced queuing and skills-based routing in a single queue for voice and non-voice channels
  • Balancing inbound calls, outbound call-backs and campaign calls to ensure maximum utilization of staff
  • Flexible IVR capability with simple editor tool to easily set up and modify flow and prompts
  • Extensive campaign management module with Preview, Progressive and Predictive dialing modes

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One platform, one queue, one agent desktop: transform customer satisfaction and agent efficiency

Too often customers wait hours for a response to email requests, while agents waste time searching for communications and data within their traditional email and web chat system. IFS CE provides an alternative, enabling businesses to transform their email, chat and SMS customer service with rapid response, quality of service and significantly reduced costs.

For the instant messaging generation, real-time chat and messaging apps represent the most convenient form of customer service. IFS CE provides a quick-to-integrate ACD solution, which blends chat and messaging apps into your contact center, alongside calls, emails and social contact. Agents can interact with several visitors at the same time in one single user interface while being able to implement template responses and use knowledge base answers to increase the speed and quality of responses.

Our solutions also incorporate the intelligentResponse, natural language processing (NLP) and automation module, which detects high volume enquiries, such as returns and refunds or account changes, and provides automated answers and processing. While being able to identify more complex service requests, the module routes these to the best agent for resolution and delivers the intelligence to ensure the highest quality response.

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Equip your support staff to deliver service on social media and messaging apps

Whether on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp or Messenger, IFS CE provides a solution for your agents to deliver social service and manage social cases. Social interactions are managed alongside other channels so agents have a complete view of the customer and all related communications, live or historic.

IFS CE identifies, prioritizes and routes social media posts to correctly skilled agents as part of the multi-media queue. The flow between the different channels is handled seamlessly as agents are always able to see the latest communications with the customer, regardless of channel, within the same customer service application.

A full contact history and outstanding cases will allow agents to better understand the context of the customer’s comments. Posts from known contacts are recorded into the customer’s contact history, allowing agents to review previous comments and actions in chronological order across all media. Agents can create and track social cases and associate emails, calls and other communications together with social posts within the same case.

Transform contact center productivity with workforce optimisation

As customers demand more channels and better-quality service, getting the most from your contact center workforce has never been more important or, indeed, complex. From simple-to-access call recordings to advanced reporting; quality monitoring and real-time dashboards, IFS provides a suite of diverse and integrated workforce optimization tools to make every agent your best agent.

We have introduced the new IFS CE management dashboard, an advanced business analytics tool which visualizes call center metrics and KPIs to allow managers to monitor and optimize performance. Through one single screen, users can reduce time to make informed decisions from hours to seconds. Key performance indicators differ for every organization; with the IFS dashboard users can extract specific intelligence and configure reports around required individual metrics.

Key features

  • Quality management (QM) and call recording
  • Coaching and call evaluation
  • Knowledge management and agent feedback
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and performance management (PM)
  • Reporting, analytics, wall boards and dashboards

IFS CE Dashboard

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