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How do you ensure that you take a more positive stand on environmental issues than your competitors and that you provide sound products to the market with as little environmental impact as possible? The topic of sustainability is on the agenda for all consumers, but it is still a new topic for many retailers.

How many retailers actually have a sustainability strategy in place? And, if so, have a strategy that reflects the company’s priorities, operating environment, assets and challenges, and with a strong commitment from senior executives? 

According to RILA’s 2015 Retail Sustainability Management Report, 2015 saw a 25% increase in Retailers sustainability budgets with an environmental focus in the areas where the Retailer have direct control, and thus, can more easily implement and track the impact of sustainability.

For many retailers sustainability can actually be viewed as a source of innovation and way into new markets, thus deriving a competitive edge from their sustainability strategies. Sustainability, something for you to consider? Definitely!

Download our ressources around Retail Sustainability, what is the trend (Infographic), how to build a successfull strategy (Checklist) and how to ensure an environmental transperancy throughout your supply chain (Whitepaper).

How do you address the big environmental and social challenges, and how do you derive financial value from these activities? The topic of sustainability is on the agenda for all retailers, with a 25% increase in sustainability budget among retailers in 2015.

What challenges, priorities and benefits are retailers facing and how do they prioritize?

Download our Infographic "Sustainability within Retail".


How do you achieve sustainability in your retail operations? Like any business strategy, it needs to reflect your company’s priorities, operating environment, assets, and challenges. And it needs strong commitment from your senior executives.

Download our Checklist "9 Steps to Retail Sustainability".


How do you ensure a sustainable transparency throughout your supply chain? By integrating your environmental compliance software with your enterprise software, you will gain strategic, tactical and operational insight into your organization through one single platform.

Download our Whitepaper "Sustainability enabled by IFS".


How do you get unprecedented insight into which parts and processes of the business impact the environment—and how they impact? You need processes and software that bring all the information together.

Download our Executive Summary on how you can track and measure your environmental footprint.



Need help defining a sustainability strategy and enabling an environmental transperancy throughout your value chain?