EAM and ERP software solutions for Offshore Drilling Contractors

IFS is the number one enterprise asset management (EAM) software company serving the oil and gas industry, and many of the leading  offshore  drilling contractors worldwide rely on IFS Applications. IFS offers an integrated software suite for offshore drilling contractors, which includes comprehensive EAM and reliability centered maintenance (RCM) with support for ISO 14224, offshore and onshore logistics and global finance that supports rig movement and tax optimization. All in a mobile rig environment.  IFS Applications delivers all of this, including:

  • Full asset lifecycle management PAS 55, ISO 14224 and ISO 55000, NORSOK, DNV GL class compliance.
  • Onshore-offshore data replication for real time asset visibility.
  • Compliance for IFRS, US GAAP, SOX, Nota Fiscal Documents for Brazil and inventory optimization given tax schema across multiple geographies.
  • Support for rig movements and movement of specific parts and subcomponents between rigs and between rigs and the yard.

BW Offshore s'appuit sur IFS Applications pour la gestion de ses opérations offshore

Dans cette vidéo, Fritz Ekløff, premier Vice-Président pour la société BW Offshore, nous explique pourquoi l'entreprise a choisit IFS Applications pour la gestion de leurs activités de services de plateformes flottantes.

Vidéo client : BW Offshore

Rig operations and maintenance, whether it is carried out by an owner/operator or oil field service provider, requires robust enterprise asset management (EAM), project management and field service management. IFS Applications delivers it all.

You live or die by your assets… the capital equipment you deploy on site or operate offshore. Only IFS Applications is proven worldwide across the entire lifecycle of assets and projects in your market. IFS is the number one enterprise asset management (EAM) software provider to the oil and gas industry according to ARC Advisory Group.


Oil field equipment operates in a complex and demanding environment, and a standard computerized maintenance system won’t do the job. You need a specialized enterprise asset management (EAM) system like IFS Applications.


To ensure optimum cost and delivery-time management, large service contracts are typically executed as projects. In IFS Project Management, designated project activities, executed within a collaborative network, are the basis for the planning and scheduling of work elements, including equipment and personnel. Configurable operations planning boards allow visual monitoring and tracking of progress, costs and on-going changes. Project engineers need only a moment to see where they’re at.


Major offshore drilling companies are adopting IFS Applications for enterprise asset management (EAM). With native offshore data replication, NORSOK compliance and integrated document management and engineering register, nobody helps you with asset integrity management like IFS!

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Maersk Drilling

“We are seeking ways to increase efficiency, improve quality and reduce operational cost, and with IFS Applications, we are set to use ERP as one of the enablers striving for operational excellence.” 

Jesper K Hansen, CIO,
Maersk Drilling

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Choisir le bon ERP pour gérer les opérations de forage en mer

Pour l'industrie offshore, la priorité numéro 1 est de gérer les plates-formes pétrolières pour en garantir une disponibilité optimale ; et cela signifie que l'ERP doit intégrer une fonctionnalité EAM de premier ordre.

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Quel ROI pour les sociétés de forages s'appuyant sur un logiciel EAM ?

À quel point une solution EAM est-elle bénéfique pour les entreprises ayant pour cœur de métier les forages pétroliers ? Découvrez-le dans ce livre blanc, et réalisez les avantages de la mise en place d'une telle solution, à travers la maîtrise des coûts, la réduction des risques, et le respect des différentes normes en vigueur.

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