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When customer relationship management (CRM) software is separate from other software used to manage the business, customer lifecycle management is difficult or impossible. And managing that lifecycle is important as many companies today interact with the customer long after the sale is made, collaborating with them on engineer-to-order (ETO), configure-to-order (CTO) or service management processes. More and more, strategic CRM must therefore be extensible to back office enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality like engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, finance, service management. Because enterprise CRM -- or strategic CRM -- is an integral part of ERP, it also gives those who interact with a customer full access to enterprise data about that customer. Invoices, accounts receivables, customer project or order data, inventory and other data can suggest immediate corrective actions or additional sales opportunity.

IFS CRM is not a separate product but rather an embedded component of the IFS Applications enterprise suite. So anyone interacting with a customer can get full access to enterprise data about each customer. Think of what that will mean for service management, sales management or customer projects!

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