Advanced Resource Planning Software for Field Service Management

The IFS Advanced Resource Planner (IFS ARP), extends the capability of the IFS Dynamic Scheduling Engine (IFS DSE) to optimize near-term activities by providing rich functionality to model longer-term work, and plan the resources needed to deliver it. The planned work may be individual projects, or simply ongoing requirements for resource capacity of certain types. Planned work can be seamlessly combined with reac­tive work in the IFS DSE to deliver optimized scheduling for the combination of different types of work in a single plan.

This fast and efficient advanced resource planning software produces staff rosters (rotations) and project schedules within minutes, eliminating the reliance on general-purpose programs like Excel or project management software that fails to integrate your work­force management policies and working practices into the production of plans.

  • Simple to use, graphical user interface
  • Powerful shift templates make it easy to create complex working patterns
  • Generate individual rotas that are comprised of all the requirements for work to be done during a defined period of time
  • Check and validate rosters against working time rules
  • Plan staff to work on complex projects to meet deadlines

  • Advanced planning with real-time constraint matching and capacity monitoring
  • Fully integrated planning that works directly with your workforce management policies and working practices
  • Fast, efficient way to produce rotas and project schedules
  • Better visibility into future resource needs and gaps


The IFS ARP integrates with the IFS Dynamic Scheduling Engine to optimize activities by providing functionality to model longer term work.

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