Dynamic Scheduling Software for Real-Time Resource Allocation

IFS Dynamic Scheduling Engine (IFS DSE), is the foundation of IFS Planning & Scheduling Optimization. Our unique optimizing engine satisfies complex workforce scheduling needs for mobile resources while focusing on maximizing your service margins.

Using the most sophisticated mathematical techniques and algorithms, our scheduling solutions can solve extremely large scheduling problems with multiple constraints and deliver highly optimized plans in seconds. The IFS DSE implements your business rules to automate 95%+ decisions, freeing staff to manage those complex exceptions that truly need a human touch. The dynamic scheduling process explores thousands of alternatives in seconds before determining an optimized plan.  The DSE is truly dynamic, allowing it to respond to new urgent jobs more quickly, saving the time that is precious with demanding service level agreements (SLAs).  IFS DSE is configurable for optimization unique to your organization by using your constraints—which may be changed dynamically at any time—such as SLAs, overtime, skill sets and parts needed to create the best possible scheduling scenario, every time.

  • Constantly monitors what is, and is not, happening; enabling instant reaction to events, including any rescheduling or rerouting  required
  • Truly dynamic scheduling means that schedules are more efficient: it constantly improves, rather than restarting periodically.
  • Links activities together in hierarchical activity groups – whether a series of sequential tasks, or multiple actives that must be scheduled at the same time

  • Significantly reduce dispatcher to technician ratio
  • Schedules more jobs per mobile resource per day
  • Much better at managing SLAs and customer agreements, leading to more reliable customer service
  • Significantly less travel – typically 10-15% less – saving you money, and saving the environment


The ability to adjust the service schedule to changing business conditions in real time is the goal of a dynamic scheduling engine. Think you need this capability in your service management software?

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