IFS Applications offers an agile Service Oriented Architecture and Technology Stack for Future Proof Business

IFS Applications is built for change so that it can evolve with your business

The component-based architecture of IFS Applications allows you to choose only what you need, with features and capabilities that can be changed or added as your business evolves.

Component-based architecture

In total, there are more than 6,000 individual software objects that make up IFS Applications, each one with its own well-defined purpose. They fit together to make up the 100+ business components, but you decide which of these business components you need. Adding other components doesn’t impact the existing set-up either, it gives you the option to build up your solution over time.

Innovative technology to run your application your way

Our innovative technology provides the flexibility to deploy IFS Applications in the way that’s the best fit for your business. Thanks to its component architecture, you can deploy the full suite as a global single instance or as a point solution for key processes in a two-tier application strategy.

You choose the components you want and deploy them step-by-step, so you don’t take on more than you need.

With the cloud you have anytime, anywhere access, increasing your agility and driving competitive advantage. You have the freedom to manage this yourself, with other cloud or hosting partners of your choice or with IFS taking care of everything, using either a subscription or license model.

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IFS Cloud Solutions

IFS Cloud Solutions gives you what you need, how you need it, and payment options to suit your business.

IFS Cloud Solutions

Learn how IFS uses agile development methodology to meet evolving customer needs without sacrificing quality.



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