Service Project Management Software

Service Project Management

Project managers who oversee extended service projects with clients know how difficult it can be to simultaneously manage a project, as well as remote personnel and assets in the field.

There is a constant need to juggle many related and interdependent tasks; a need for reliable, remote data capture; remote real-time workflow approvals, and more. To manage all of these moving parts simultaneously, many service organizations rely on ineffective manual tools that put them at a considerable disadvantage in terms of efficiency, operational visibility and service quality.

Our service project management software connects project management and task execution in the field.  Its task automation, remote communication, and centralized project management capabilities help service organizations optimize field operations, increase productivity, and better serve customers.

  • 現場のデータを遠隔地にいても確実に取得
  • プロジェクトのリソース、プロジェクト管理、保守要件を1つの管理画面に統合し、集中管理
  • Microsoft Projectで構築された保守計画をIFSフィールドサービス管理にインポート可能
  • チームやエンジニアにタスクを容易に割り当て、自動通知やアラートで周知
  • 保守サービスエンジニアの「実際の活動」をリアルタイムに記録
  • Microsoft Projectとの同期やエクスポートが可能

  • 業務効率の向上
  • 運営費用の低減
  • サービスの質の改善
  • データの精度向上


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