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Power Generation

Enterprise, project & asset software - meet the challengers of a diversifying industry

IFS offers enterprise software, integrating project and asset management, service management with core ERP functionality to the power generation industry.

We have extensive knowledge of the challenges that energy companies face today. Our first customer in 1983 was a nuclear power generator, and now IFS is independently recognized as a leading, global supplier of on-premise or cloud-enabled ERP and EAM software.

As the power generation mix evolves and the cost of producing energy from renewable sources is falling, our focus on project, asset and service focused organizations means IFS is the best placed software vendor to support your business turn challenges into opportunities.

Power Generation ERP and EAM Software

Software selection for enterprise asset management

Enterprise asset management (EAM) software is required by any business that relies on complex, expensive and mission-critical capital equipment. And as companies and their assets are bought and sold, business models change, technologies develop and advance, and economic megatrends arise, the demand for what these assets produce will change.

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EAM and ERP Solutions

Hear Colin Beaney, Global Industry Director for Energy, Utilities & Resources at IFS, introducing where our ERP and EAM software adds value to customers in the power generation industry.

IFS ERP, EAM and FSM deliver value to our customers across Energy, Utilities & Resources