2013 April මස 22 වැනිදා Monday

MAS Brands goes live with IFS Applications in record time

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that Sri Lankan company MAS Brands (Pvt) Ltd, producer of the premium lingerie brand amanté, has implemented IFS Applications™ across its organization. The IFS solution was implemented in  two months to ensure quick time to value and a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

MAS Brands, operating under the amanté brand, is a subsidiary of MAS Holdings, South Asia’s largest supplier of niche market intimate wear. In July 2012, the company chose IFS Applications to streamline their sales and distribution processes and execute  its growth plan, which includes domestic and international expansion.

The IFS solution, implemented in two months, enables MAS Brands to control various aspects of its business ranging from simple product orders to final sales and distribution. IFS Applications also provides total financial visibility and facilitates in-depth automated reporting processes at both strategic and tactical levels, thereby improving the company’s competitiveness in the global market.

“With IFS Applications, we have an integrated system to manage our mission-critical supply chain and finance operations,” MAS Holdings Pvt Ltd Director Ajay Amalean said. “The IFS solution has allowed us to meet and exceed the industry standard of a 48-hour lead time to our customers, maintain a high level of stock accuracy, and manage our overheads effectively. This translates into improved visibility, increased business control and a low TCO.”

“Our collaboration with MAS Brands during this process has been mutually beneficial,” Shiraz Lye,  Director Sales & Marketing IFS South Asia said. “Our goal is to offer the right industry functionality in the quickest time possible to minimize time to value for our customers. We are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the MAS Brands implementation project and we look forward to support the company’s future growth.”

About MAS Brands Pvt Ltd

MAS Brands Pvt Ltd, the strategic business unit of MAS Investments, operates amanté—MAS’ own brand of lingerie in Sri Lanka. The brand embodies two decades of excellence by MAS in this specialized field. Its fully integrated supply chain and design offices in New York, London & Hong Kong allow the company to offer a product that is manufactured using premier fabrics and the latest in international trends & styling.

More information is available at www.masholdings.com/www.amantelingerie.com  

About IFS

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