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Arrhythmia Research Technology goes live with IFS Applications within four months

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announced today that Arrhythmia Research Technology has successfully gone live with IFS Applications in only four months.

Almost exactly 120 days after signing a contract with IFS North America and Corning Data Services of Corning, N.Y., the medical device manufacturer has successfully implemented a full suite of IFS functionality including repetitive manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, engineer-to-order, distribution, demand planning, human resources, financial integration and shop floor reporting.

Rapid implementation was one reason Arrhythmia chose IFS Applications over competing products, as the company wanted to get up and running quickly to allow automated reporting required under Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and FDA regulations for medical device manufacturers. 

“One reason for our ERP system search was to proactively meet new SOX reporting requirements that will be enforced January 1, 2008,” Arrhythmia IT Director Salvatore Emma said. “We were convinced that IFS Applications would be able to meet our diverse business needs and aggressive implementation timeline. At the same time, we needed to choose a vendor that could meet our budget requirements and help us to eliminate a variety of software systems we previously had in place. IFS Applications has proven agile enough to implement quickly, so we could be fully functional with the system an entire quarter before the reporting requirements deadline in January. The IFS Applications implementation has shown us that our systems will be able to support the growth and strategic goals of the organization in the future. Corning’s consultants and service level is among the best we have ever worked with, and this successful go-live couldn’t have been achieved without their in-depth business knowledge, the committed backing of our organization’s leadership and the hard work from a talented team of employees.”

“Implementing a top-tier enterprise application on a four-month timeline – even one as granular and flexible as IFS Applications – took close collaboration between Corning, IFS and the great team at Arrhythmia Research Technology,” Corning Data Services General Manager Michael Pauley said. “The fact that our consulting services team was based near the deployment helped, as did the rapport we were able to build with Arrhythmia.”

“Rapid implementation compared to other top-tier enterprise suites is one benefit customers can expect from IFS Applications,” IFS North America President and CEO Cindy Jaudon said. “But implementing the best-designed application in the world will take longer without quality people involved in the project, and much of the credit here must go to Corning and to Arrhythmia’s dedication.”

The high-tech industry is one of IFS’ targeted vertical markets. IFS offers industry-specific solutions for companies in the electronic equipment, electronic component and semiconductor industries. These solutions support all business processes, from design and mixed-mode manufacturing to after-sales support and warranty management. IFS’ high-tech customers include Rockwell Automation, NEC Philips Unified Solutions, NEC, SiRF, Maxon Motor, Kontron and Olympus Optical.

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