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IFS and Ides form alliance for collaborative asset life cycle management in utilities

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, today announced its partnership with Industrial Design Software (Ides), a Swedish company marketing and developing a world- leading Dynamic Plant Repository (DPR), including a wide range of engineering tools offering unique support for the complete chain from Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) to OO (Owner Operator).

This alliance enables IFS to offer integrated solutions for plant engineering and asset life cycle management in selected industries, showing increased demand for integrated solutions when constructing new plants and revamping existing facilities.

The IFS and Ides partnership will target the power generation industry. The combined offering will support design, construction, project control, maintenance, procurement and finance—the complete asset life cycle management process. Asset owners and EPC companies or departments will be able to control and manage all design and engineering phases, documents and technical data, to achieve project control and efficiency. By providing a complete collaborative asset lifecycle management solution, asset owners, contractors, manufacturers and service providers will be able to seamlessly exchange necessary information between Ides DPR and IFS Asset Management applications.

“Our joint offering is based on twenty years of experience in the industry. It consists of pre-packaged solutions based on industry standards and know-how, enabling power generation companies to achieve operational excellence in the area of project and asset lifecycle management,” said Thomas Petersson, Head of Products and Marketing at IFS. “It is possible for us to collaborate closely with our partners as IFS Applications is based on a service-oriented architecture into which partners’ components can easily integrate.”

“Our cooperation with IFS is an important part of our global partner strategy for the launch of version 8 of our DPR system—also based on SOA architecture—together with the opening of our Chinese operations in Hong Kong and Shanghai. I am personally convinced that IFS Applications and Ides DPR system is a perfect combination for our clients,” added Lars Geidne, President and CEO of Ides AB.

“To integrate IFS and the Ides system we have increased the precision on our technical plant documentation and on data for all plant equipment. In the Ides system we have detailed information for all equipment and plant objects, which is necessary in the design process in modernization and redesign projects. In IFS Applications we add the additional information necessary for safe operation, preventive and corrective maintenance as well as procurement of equipment and spare parts. With the integration we are able to use the unique data export from engineering and design to the plant maintenance system, which shortens lead times from commissioning to full operation,” concluded Conny Gunnarsson, technical department, OKG Nuclear Power Plant.

IFS prioritizes the energy and utilities industry and has more than 130 customers involved in power generation, transmission & distribution and water & sewage. These include the world's largest hydropower plant, Three Gorges (P. R. China), nuclear power plants OKG (Sweden), PBMR (South Africa) and Qinshan (P. R. China), grid operators such as Svenska Kraftnät (Sweden), Statnett (Norway) and TenneT (The Netherlands) as well as distributors such as Vattenfall (Sweden), Fortum (Sweden), and Hafslund Energi (Norway). Reliable and safe Asset management and workforce management are critical processes in the energy and utility industry, to which IFS has provided solutions for more than 20 years.

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